Data Maintenance & Reporting

In the current challenging market, companies need to react more quickly to their regular business needs and scenarios, which means the management needs to have various operations and financial reports as quickly as possible, especially when the company is operating in multiple locations.

The requirements might vary from client to client depending on the industry vertical that they are in, say for a retail sector the management might require daily reports like sales analysis, profitability, labour efficiency, comparative analysis, which will assist them in tracking their performance against the budget and maintaining daily operations both at macro and micro level of the organisation.

Winprotech can design and provide tailored services for any business which needs data gathering, analysing and reporting with dedicated teams to provide quick and accurate reporting. The benefits to the client are, they get the reports much quicker than what they normally get, also at a lesser price, influencing in better operating performance and profitability of their company. We assist our clients to be preventive and spontaneous on business performance, instead of being reactive to the results.

Benefits Of Data Maintenance & Reporting Services

Operational Analytics: Services that accelerate and exponentially impact service cost reduction and revenue growth

Revenue-Enabling Solutions: Allows client environment to create multiple revenue generating models

Flexible Engagement Models: Risk/Results based helping the client to design flexible Engagement Models

High Customer Satisfaction: Industry recognition, our ability to adapt, seamless transition with operational control, and deployment of disciplined methodologies ensure we build long-lasting, beneficial relationships with our clients

Integrated BPO: End-to-end business-cycle solutions with world class customer management and back office support consistently deliver measurable results directly impacting our client’s business performance


The usual question that might arise in any company is Why Outsourcing? We will try and help you tackle this question.

Lets simplify your thought process: If your answer is yes to any of the below questions, then we strongly believe outsourcing is indeed a great option for you to consider for your non-core business activities.

  • Are you looking to get the most out of revenues and cut costs?
  • Would you like to focus on your core competencies and have a reliable and efficient team to do your daily tasks?
  • Do you face problems of employee turnover, high cost of benefit packages needed when firing workforce and training expenditures when hiring new staff which can be costly exercise and inefficient to companies?
  • Are you looking to gain resources not otherwise available, better process maturity & resource flexibility?
  • Do you need preset and systematic processes, but want to see exceptional results right away?

      Outsourcing can reward companies by reducing their costs, giving them access to expertise they may not be able to afford or find in-house, and freeing them to devote more of their time to their core business activities. It is that promise which has companies looking to outsource more of their back-office processes, also they just cannot afford the old approach of trying to do everything themselves, not with the pace of change in technology. Companies that can find the right partners can save that much more off their costs, and manage their processes better than they could on their own. 1

      Companies are likely to outsource the following services: technology (30%), human resources (16%), marketing and sales (14%), and finance (11%). Other sundry services comprise the remainder.

      1 CFO Research Services in collaboration with Capgemini - (Outsourcing the Back Office: The Path Toward Sustainable Benefits : published by CFO Publishing Corp., 253 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210)

      2 Research from Dun & Bradstreet and The Outsourcing Institute

The next big question that you would get is which company to outsource to?. This is where Winprotech can be a best choice

  • No set-up fees and no hidden or additional
  • Highest level of service at a competitive rate
  • Easy transfer process without disruption to your existing operations
  • Designated account handler and the Project Manager responsible for the client
  • Immediate support as and when you need it
  • Accurate and timely information supported by full monthly reconciliations
  • Flexibility to cope with expansion and/or changing business needs
  • Fully up to date with frequently changing legislation and tax rules
  • Truly personal service - we care about each and every one of our clients
  • Totally reliable service ensuring your employees are always paid correctly and on time.
  • Our team is experienced and have won the satisfaction and appreciation of Clients
  • Our team is qualified and experienced in using leading, HMRC accredited systems


    "Winprotech ensures high physical security for its premises, employees and also for the intellectual business solely be the property of client. Non-Disclosure agreement will be signed to protect client data by all employees & will be followed with all due regards"

    System based security measures:

  • All systems will be password protected
  • Restricted access to protect the confidential data from sending out of the office
  • Employees will be working on a secluded section so as to enforce that all these measures are implemented
  • Employees who handle financial information will be placed closer to the supervisor work stations for constant monitoring

    Post-crisis security measures:

  • Client SLA followed - Contracts signed with clauses on ensuring data security
  • HR driven is investigation done & details are submitted to client on action points
  • Insurance on data security considered to be taken based on work volume


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